Advertising Policy

The Patriots site is dedicated to promoting and upholding both the letter and the spirit embodied in the documents set forth by our founding fathers during the creation of this country.  As such, our advertising policy seeks to maintain standards commensurate with those ideals.


All submitted advertising will be reviewed for compliance with the sites guidelines before acceptance.  Below is a partial list of specific rules.



The Patriots accepts commercial advertising under the following guidelines:


  • No pornographic pictures or sexual content in audio or video format
  • No massage parlor links or escort service numbers permitted.
  • No violence in content or links to such content or sites containing malware
  • No libelous, slandering or insulting content or threats real or inferred.


Ads Available


The Patriots averages 225 to 300 thousand readers per year.  We value our article content and its author’s contributions on important issues and therefore do not place advertisements within articles.


Advertisements are available on either our Main or the ‘Items for Sale’ pages.  They are block style and may contain graphic content in accordance with the site’s guidelines.   Under certain agreed to conditions they may also be placed on other site pages for longer duration. 


Main Page 


Advertisement content is available at the top of The Patriots home page and generally restricted to a 2.5” x by 5”size.  A full page Ad is optional as a link within the home page advertisement block.  Home page Ads are $94.00 for a full year. 


Items for sale   Ad pricing is standard at $47.00 for six month intervals regardless of size. Block Ads  are typically 1.5” x 3”, 2” x 4” or 4” x 7” size.   Full page ads are also available through linking within an ‘Items for Sale’ block.


Payment Methods


Paypal is currently the only payment option available on the Items for Sale page.


Rev -  01/24/18


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