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IP addresses, ISP and router information is automatically logged for each visitor and is used in the administration of this site. Demographic and profile data are also collected on site which are not shared. We use the statistical information collected to optimize article presentation appearance and content.

We don't collect data from reader comments. Occasionally, on site polls are conducted to determine reader views on specific issues.

Private Ads appear on our Inside pages, which do not contain cookies. We do not receive data from our private Advertisements.

Our presentation of news, events and political commentary includes links to other sites; we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites.



The site uses the public or Gnu version of PGP for all e-mail correspondence. Readers wishing to correspond with The Patriots must have appropriate encryption passkey capability. A beginning source is available
here and a more advanced treatise, here and for ultimate security in messaging, go here.


(Rev 1.12- 5/04/14)

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